The Speaker: Doug Dyment

“The Go-Light Guru”

—Time Magazine

Doug Dyment is recognized internationally as the leading authority on “The Art and Science of Travelling Light”. Doug DymentHis popular Web site offers a compendium of practical information for those wondering if the joy of the journey can be freed from the labour of the luggage. And it resonates with business and leisure travellers alike, currently welcoming some four thousand daily visitors. Consequently, Doug is in frequent demand as a travel speaker, regularly interviewed — and lauded — by media worldwide.

The subject’s broad — indeed, almost universal — appeal has led to an ongoing demand for opportunities to experience the material live and locally. His “trove of packing-light wisdom” (says the San Francisco Chronicle) is “advocated with zest and humor” (says U.S.News), and filled with enough memorable moments and eye-opening examples to keep your group talking for a long time afterward. Small wonder that Neal Conan (on NPR’s Talk of the Nation) quipped, “Doug Dyment, we worship at your shrine!”

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The Topic: Tackling Today’s Travel

Doug offers meeting planners that true rarity in speaking programs: one that is simultaneously topical, entertaining, and truly useful to its audiences (many of whose stressful travels to the event will be all too fresh in their memories), delivering takeaway skills that attendees can put into immediate practice.

Doug Dyment at San Francisco AirportFor over two thousand years, travel experts have extolled the wisdom that “He who would travel happily must travel light”, but a quick look around at any modern airport reveals just how few manage to make their travels truly efficient, effective, and effortless. After a brief overview of the five main benefits of travelling lightly (security, economy, mobility, serenity, ecology), Doug reveals the three primary “secrets” of the successful traveller, and explores such issues as minimizing the amount of stuff one needs to haul around; understanding how to choose functional & reliable luggage; and making a little clothing work like a lot, without it getting wrinkled in the process.

Those imagining that a program on travel skills might prove less than engaging will discover otherwise as they meet the concert solo violinist who travels the world with a single tiny suitcase; learn the secret that travel stores hide from their customers; see popular travel products debunked; discover the hidden delights of braided latex, plastic door locks, & dental floss; and find out how to dissuade a confrontational waiter who thinks he hasn’t been left a sufficiently large tip!

Tackling Today's Travel: On The Road Without The Load

Although last-minute openings do occur, it’s always wise to contact Doug well in advance to hold your preferred dates. And be sure to read the reviews and testimonials!

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The Applause: What Audiences Have Said

“Outstanding presentation: a true professional”
Onan Corporation, MA
“One of the best I’ve ever experienced!”
Meyer Sound Laboratories, CA

“Definitely one of the highlights of our meeting … impressive”
National Association of Electrical Distributors, MO
Woodward Governor, CO

“Doug Dyment is a first class speaker”
Datech Systems Research, CA
“Doug is the best — I am a teacher and my jaw drops open”
Garry Harris & Partners, NY

“Very imaginative, informative presentation”
Pro-Water Technologies, CA
“Best speaker I have ever heard”
Q-vid Engineering, NM

“Really excellent speaker! Speaks to a variety of audience members”
Diebold Inc., OH
“Top notch”
Magnetek Drives & Systems, WI

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended”
Ford Engineering, FL
“Could have listened for hours more”
Honeywell Satellite Systems, AZ

“Doug Dyment is the defining benchmark in communication … for personal integrity; precision & clarity of speech; and quality, depth, & focus of content. He seems to be, at the same time, the diamond and its cutter.”
Allen Michels, Entrepreneur (e.g., CEO & Founder, Convergent Technologies)

“Dyment’s perfect”
Creative Design Technologies, MI
“Great speaker”
“Terrific presentation”
Rapid Access Systems, AB

“Probably the best speaker for any technical seminar I have attended”
Kricheff & Associates, CA
Department of Defense, MD

“Score of 11 on a scale of 1-10. Extraordinary presenter — the difficult made comprehensible”
The Warm Company, CA
“Doug is one of the best presenters I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing”
Analog Devices, MA

“He was great — couldn’t be better”
Practical Energy Group, NY
“Articulate, entertaining, and made the subject understandable”
Westinghouse Security Electronics, CA

“Very polished, effective presentation”
Arrow Electronics, ON
“Superb — good style & knowledge”
Infinity Computer Services, OH

“Outstanding in every respect”
Isis Group, CA
SRI International, CA
“Listened to every word”

“Superb presentation. I’ve seen and heard enough to be motivated”
Lapson Engineering, CA
“Very informative and effective”
Candide Electric, NC

“Engaging, entertaining, not boring after 3 hours!”
Fleming Group, CA
“Very effective and entertaining (important)”
Allied Signal, MD

Novell Inc., CA + U. of Delaware, DE
“One of the best”
Marlin Manufacturing, OH
IMI Cornelius, MA + ATI, PA

“Extremely effective speaker”
General Motors Advanced Engineering, MI
“Dr. Dyment is an excellent speaker”
Structural Instrumentation, Inc., WA

Ontario Battery Services, ON
Invostar Inc., CA
Autoloc Inc., PQ

“A delightful, pleasant, and knowledgeable talk”
Almaden Systems, CA
“Excellent and entertaining as well as informative”
DWA Inc., MD

“He was wonderful”
GM North American Truck, MI
“Exceptional speaker”
NICE, Inc., CA
“He is the best”
Union Camp Corp., NJ

Lockheed Space Operations, FL + Rockwell Int’l, OH + Sharp Electronics, NJ + U.S. Army Communications Command, NJ + Packard Electric, OH + National Institutes of Health, MD + Northern Telecom, ON + Ontario Ministry of Transportation, ON + Allen-Bradley, WI + BART, CA + Boeing Space & Defense Group, WA
Trimble Navigation, CA + Ontario Hydro, ON + Dorado Systems Corp., CA + Matrix Corporation, NC + Parker Berten Aerospace, CA

“The best presentation … I’ve ever heard”
A.C. (Mike) Markkula, Entrepreneur (e.g., Chairman & Co-Founder, Apple Computer)

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The Applause: What the Media Have Said

“Carry-on Maven”
The Wall Street Journal
“Doug Dyment, we worship at your shrine!”
Neal Conan, Talk of the Nation (NPR)

“the go-light guru”
Time Magazine
“Doug Dyment knows when to hold ’em and how to fold ’em.”
Peter Anthony Holder (CJAD/CFRB Radio)

“authoritative and well-organized”
USA Today
“Dyment is something of a packing superman”
The Wall Street Journal

“tells you exactly what to take on a trip and how to take it”
“a trove of packing-light wisdom”
San Francisco Chronicle

“lessons on how to pack light”
Michele Norris, All Things Considered (NPR)
The Sunday Times
“not to be missed”
O Estado de São Paulo

“great advice on packing”
The Globe and Mail
“packing panache … keeping your luggage light, tight, and right”
New York Daily News

“Our expert … on traveling light”
“everything you need to know about travelling with one bag”
The Wall Street Journal

“the lowdown on how you can take essentials and prepare for eventualities without compromising on comfort or worrying about what you’ve left behind”
The Hindu
“Doug Dyment is a frequent traveler with a useful sense of humor and well-organized advice”
Houston Chronicle

“practical advice”
Los Angeles Times
“realms of information and handy tips on the art of travelling light”
Sydney Morning Herald

“great information on the art of traveling light”
Successful Meetings
“helpful travel tips from a guy who knows”
Great Speaking

“a wealth of practical advice”
The Wall Street Journal
“The next time you travel, heed Dyment’s words”
Men’s Fitness

“advocated with zest and humor”
“travel light expert”
“the perfect information source”
Chicago Tribune

“definitive and inspiring”
“a comprehensive, life-changing look at packing”
The Christian Science Monitor

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The Applause: Media Appearances

“Carry-On Maven”

—The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, USA Today, International Herald Tribune, The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, Forbes, U.S.News, Chicago Tribune, BBC, CNN, NPR’s “All Things Considered” & “Talk of the Nation”, Wired Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Newsday, Kiplinger’s, Money Magazine, Business Traveller, Forbes Woman, The Sunday Times, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Cincinnati Post, The Gazette (Montréal), Ottawa Citizen, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, Daily Express, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Vancouver Sun, The Sacramento Bee, The Oregonian, The Kansas City Star, The Roanoke Times, Indianapolis Star, The Hartford Courant, The Wichita Eagle, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Georgia Straight, The Jewish Week, The Hindu, Mumbai Mirror,

“travel light expert”


O Estado de São Paulo, NZ House & Garden, Internazionale (Italy), la Repubblica (Italy), Aftenposten (Norway), HLN (Belgium), HUMO (Belgium), De Tijd (Belgium), Britannica, Expedia, AOL, TripSpot, PC World, PC Magazine, PC Today, MSN Money, Technorati, The Good Web Guide,,,, FPN (Denmark), Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Delta Sky, onAir (Air Canada), The Lobby (Starwood Hotels), Westways (AAA), AARP, Elsevier (Netherlands), Chatelaine Magazine, President’s Choice, Men’s Fitness, Real Simple, Frommer’s (Editor’s Choice), Successful Meetings, Meetings & Conventions, Great Speaking, The Brancatelli File,

“Leader of the Pack”

—Business Traveller


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